Here's the gang attachment that I
have.  They do swivel, so this is, in
fact a steering-gang cultivator
Here's the gang attachment in my
manual (pointer # 34).  Note where the
pipe-lift bracket attaches on photo
below.  Where do I attach this on
Note the single bar connecting the
gang attachment bracket.  The manual
shows two separate bars.
Here's the whole thing set out on the shop floor.  
Some of the parts are still in wired bundles from
the factory (NOS).  I need 5 cultivator shanks!
HM-221 Cultivator - Parts Question
Note part # 8 on the manual diagram.  There are no holes in the gang arm for this part.  It's the piece to
which the shields are supposed to attach AND where the spring rods for lifting the cultivator are to
attach.  The clamped on brackets on mine do not have a hole large enough for the hook on the spring
What the heck are these?  I can't find them anywhere in the parts list in the manual.
Original factory paint showing the red color of the shields and an example of the blue color of all other
parts of the gangs.